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Monday, November 19, 2012

Melvin Lau (Founder)

ImageGreetings and I don’t need much introduction since I’ve been here since the birth of Multifolds and looking it growing day by day, month by month and year after year. As we transition to a brand new Multifolds Photography, there are fundamentals that I always put faith on. “Entrust in us and in return, you can picture a multifolds.” What does that really mean to me? Putting your entire faith, trust and friendship to Multifolds Photography and you will see beautiful beginnings in our friendships from clients turned friends. Capturing from every day routines / love / affection to become beautiful masterpieces is our belief. I’ve done from selling musical boxes for blogshops, repair and assembling desktop PCs, being a Watson’s Sales Assistant to a Japanese Restaurant waiter but nothing beats taking care and growing a tree; a Multifolds Maple Tree. Our tree was once a strong tree, providing shelter during a storm, warmth by burning the twigs and a beautiful house from the woods. However, situation changes and things happen for a reason. Living life to the fullest is one of thing I have learnt from this darkest period of time when a typhoon damaged our tree. One of our belief in this photography is also to 饮水思源. As much as we want to soar higher than the other canopies for air and sunlight, we still have to stay rooted to the ground. As long as there are roots, there is hope. Though Multifolds Maple Tree was damaged, it did not give up. Instead, we grew with more branches and leaves, providing more shade for 2 inspiring and talented photographers in our family tree. All I can say is that they are one of the most amazing young photographers I ever met and I must thank God for such paths crossed in our lives. The truest expressions on our photos are believing what I firmly believe and dream of. No words can comprehend how much intensity of the photos we take, nor the emotions that resonates to each couple. May we, three of us under this amazing maple tree of Multifolds, provide shade for you and capture the best moments in your life.