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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Stylescapade for Jonathan and Melissa

As our 4th anniversary is coming up, we're throwing a big bash for the entire month with workshops and roadshows in the month of August. What's a better way is to do a styled shoot for Melissa and Jonathan along with JessicaCindy for her gowns, Heaven in a Wild Flower for the beautiful set up and lastly, the amazing make up artist by Pearlyn Law.

We'll be using the photos for our editorials for the month of August and we can't wait to share another good news during October!

So we were really blessed with good weather (cloudy, diffused lighting) although we were expecting gorgeous sunset tho.

Photography: Multifolds Productions
Gown: JessicaCindy
Styling: Heaven in a Wild Flower
Make Up: Pearlyn Law Makeup & Hairstyling

Beautiful flowers by Heaven in a Wild Flower

Look how Melissa is making JessiaCindy gown so effortlessly.

Pearlyn decided to have another look for Melissa and I'm really impressed by the speed she had another look for Melissa. As the sun was about to set, Pearlyn really tried her best to speed up the 2nd look and unsurprisingly it was really gorgeous!

Melvin Lau