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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tokyo Lovescapade - Cheesie & Her Danna


One of the greatest achievement that Multifolds, Melvin Lau has done was to shoot a Lovescapade with Cheesie.

She is such an inspiration to many ladies in Singapore, Malaysia and Japan. To be honest, Cheesie is one of the most awesome lady I ever met. Not only she is elegant and pretty, she really takes care of others. She's also very warm and friendly in the entire shoot too!

To me, she is like a friend, blogger, tour guide. She knew about Tokyo more than what I know as this is my first time in Tokyo.. Thus she and her Danna brought me to many places for awesome food haunts especially sushis and ramens! (Behind the scenes photos later!)

Everything was communicated via whatsapp as we both live in different countries, I am from Singapore and Cheesie is from Malaysia but we got to keep in good contact via whatsapp. On the first day of the shoot in Tokyo, we still used whatsapp (the power of technology!!) to find our way to each other. Danna drove all the way down from his own place to my hotel at Hotel Route Inn Tokyo Asagaya which is pretty far from his own place! Stil, he was really amazing to find me at my lobby and their lovescapade begins.

First off! We drove to Hakone! It was really breathe taking for me because we finally reach a place in Japan where nature is so mystical and amazing at Hakone. I have to say that it's very spiritual too.

Some Holy water that Cheesie drank, I heard that it's for luck!

Danna and his awesome hoodie to cover his face! Heh!

Japanese girls are always really cute!

Cheesie getting some energy on the Pregnant tree. heard that this tree can make ladies pregnant and deliver smoothly.

Beautiful nature isn't it? With the tall trees above them.

This is one of my favourite shot!

Haha! Yes, you can see a sneak peak of me in action shooting Cheesie.

And it's a sushi fiesta for me! Cheesie and Danna were really awesome to treat me a great awesome lunch and it's such an honour to having lunch with both of them.

I will never enjoy singapore sushis anymore after trying this at the outlet area. Forgot what's the name of the restaurant.

And it's shopping time for Cheesie!

And then in the evening, we headed to Tokyo Tower!

Then we headed for dinner for one of the most famous Ramen !

I really admire Cheesie because during the long car journey of 2.5 hours, she could stay awake! But Danna, had to take a nap driving halfway back to Tokyo because firstly, his contact lens are starting to dry up and secondly, he's really tired despite working very late the night before. But Cheesie always have that powerful energy inside her that makes her living the best of every single day. Maybe I must try more of her vitamin tonics also, those that she featured on her blog.

Thank you Cheesie for being so hospitable, so understand and such an amazing lady for everyone. 

You can check her review about Multifolds and tokyo on this link below!


You can't be just shooting in Tokyo without enjoying the tokyo culture right? Thus this are some amazing behind the scenes all snapped with my simple yet awesome iPhone 5.

So yes, I took the risk to the land of the rising sun. It's not an easy one but yet, I really have to thank Ley Yee, my awesome friend who arrange all this with Cheesie. I personally never met Cheesie before. She's from KL and I'm from SG, we both gotta rely on emails and whatsapp to meet each other in the huge and vibrant Tokyo can be quite a feat.

I took Airasia X and I have no regrets. Honestly speaking, i don't feel Airasia X as a budget airline. The inflight food and beverage were astonishingly reasonable and the seats were comfortable and able to recline and sleep.

And so I said, Goodbye Singapore. I'm bringing Multifolds nearer to Cheesie.

The beautiful city of Tokyo at night while I am touching down.

It's so so cold Winter!


I don't understand logically, but if I made myself crazy mode, I might understand "This Chair is freezing"

This credit card machine connects to the mobile network directly and requires battery only! How mobile!

Young and carefree days eh?

One good service that maybe Breadtalk can learn from is giving a free wet tissue after eating the pastries or bread. So that our fingers won't be dirty before and after eating.

We were so fascinated with the scanner that scan all the coloured sushi dishes within 3 seconds.. Look at Cheesie's awesome aw towards the 'scanner'. We still have to count the red, or green plates in singapore.. :X

The Tokyo Skytree, amazing invention isn't it?

Train breakdown at Narita Line, thus I have to take a detour!

A potential photographer alert! :D


Japan, Tokyo has really brought me a new dimension of perspective in shoots tho.