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Monday, March 4, 2013

Weenah and Family

How I got to know Wee Nah and her family was an interesting one.

Apparently, one of her colleague bought her a family portraiture voucher and I didn't get to meet Wee Nah or in touch with her until the day that we have to shoot.

Even the location was pretty much set by her, as she love the Changi Boardwalk. As for me, honestly.. it was my very first time shooting in Changi Boardwalk. What was the lighting gonna be in the morning? Is there enough space for them to roam around? Will they love the place?

But when we met 8am, I quickly get to know her 3 children and engaged them with many activities. Apparently the younger one wasn't interested initially, because of the humidity and early morning. She even cried often! But well, there's always a warm up phase!

This was whens she starting to get more spontaneous! 

Truly, this was one of the most spontaneous shoot I've done for family. A really big kudos to Wee Nah for being extremely spontaneous and a great mother figure for her children!

No matter how much sweat we do, or mosquito bites, the photos capturing the moments are really worth it.

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