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Saturday, March 2, 2013


Nong Hor Va? (which means how are you)

It was a great experience for me to know their culture, their romantic dances in the night for the old couple and great scenic view of Shanghai that brings the vibrancy and energy of it!

Here are some of the works that we have done for the 2 awesome days!

A simple canopy of love in Shanghai

Shanghai is well known for their French trees because during the early days in Shanghai, the fresh basically operate in shanghai as a base for China.

A levitation shot in Shanghai.

This shot was done when Timothy was skipping around as I told them to be slightly childlike, a bit of innocence and be away from the hustle and bustle of life.

And this shot was made shot in Thames Town. It was about 20 degrees Celsius and it was an awesome weather for all of us to shoot!

City shots, it was challenging for us because there were many human traffic as it was a tourist attraction. But nevertheless, I took the opportunity to inject some meaning to the shot.

More from our Facebook link! Click on the album to see all the photos!


Honestly, Shanghai really opened a lot of inspiration for me in my experience of doing overseas lovescapade. Not only that it has a very good mix of eastern and western culture in Shanghai that bridges 2 different cultures together, it taught me how to shoot with a western feeling yet with a oriental asian theme.

We had pretty much fun together, eating and shooting together! Kewei and Fang Yuan, my 2 awesome crew were with me in this Shanghai trip and many thanks to them, we got to do many things that others are not able to do! Because firstly, my 2 crews are shanghainese, thus they are able to speak their native language to the people over there. We borrowed a house to shoot, got the passer bys to help us in posing for us, or make way for us. Frankly, shanghainese are really awesome people to be with!

We got to experience the bullet train in Shanghai! Blazing fast that we took 7 mins from Pudong airport to outskirts of the city.

This is a famous spot for pigeon feeding! There's a mixture of white and grey pigeons and let me tell you, they are very scared of us. It's very contrasty from the ones we see in Singapore, singapore pigeons are totally not afraid of us.

Along the way, we really met some very very adorable dogs!

You can read Adora's blog about her lovescapade in Shanghai!

This was a hilarious shot because we were waiting for grandma to walk further up so that we can take a shot at the Shanghai Alley.

Kewei and Fang Yuan in action while I too, prepare myself for the shoot and get the right composition for the shot.

The awesome make up artists in Shanghai!

Adora doing her own touch up! She's also very professional in her own make up one okay?!?! (Singlish slang)

Kewei self proclaimed "I Am Legend" shot.

I really have to thank the make up artist who offered to help us because one thing, we were extremely adventurous to go every part of Shanghai to shoot.

And mind you, Fang Yuan is 'shaolin' trained..

It was an amazing experience to be shooting in Shanghai.

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