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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lovescapade - Wei Ting and Terence in Singapore Part 1

What can I say about Weiting and Terence? I sorta see them growing up from engaging us for their solemnization. I still could vividly remember she wanted to see us at Raffles City Starbucks and Terence can't come for the meeting. From there, I know she love our works a lot because she was willing to see us and discuss about her solemnization.

Cutting short, whao! I can never imagine capturing her solemnization, pre-wedding and her wedding day all in one. I felt that she has the most creative and most daring pre-wedding ever done

Well?? What's interesting? May the photos open your vision on what is a real pre-wedding. A lovescapade shoot that talks more about the couple having their utmost fun.

And I am thankful to have Amanda coming down and help despite she's very tired from her previous shoot with Dear Laura!

A princessy photo of her.. Lady Gaga wannabe.

Can't believe the orange ball of sun!!!!

Pretty amazing that her level of energy is still high and willing to climb on the tree to hang the little tent!

Beautiful isn't it, this is the end result.

We're supposed to use this balloons to float the tent but alas, the tent was really heavy for the balloons to be lifted up!

Stay tuned for part 2!!

Or check out our fanpage album for more of their photos.

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