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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sonya and Judd Wedding

I've gotten to know Sonya 1.5 years back. Back then, I was my first shoot with her with Hollyhoque look book shoot. Sonya was one of the funniest model I've ever worked with. Her laughter is really contagious and sometimes she makes the funniest jokes around her. And also,it was my first time witnessing such an amazing model who can pull off whatever scenario that I threw to her.

So we didn't get to meet for a long time but kept contact via Facebook andI remember during the shoot, she told me that she wanted a beach wedding. She wanted a photographer who can pull off as good as Jonas Peterson or Tod Hunter Mcgraw for her Bali wedding and I was so so happy for her! Not only the venue is perfect, she knows the kind of photographer she wanted for a big day.

So her big day is coming and she planned for a small intimate session with her friends here in Singapore. It was the simplest wedding affair so far in my life. She even brought a foldable table with her so sign the cert but that was it! There wasn't any decoration, and we just found a random spot in Tanjong Beach and did the solemnisation. She also brought her portable speaker and her song playlist was done minutes before the march in.

But then again, I realised it was the people who made it so special. I felt extremely honoured that she engaged me because I did tell her I am not Jonas but I'll try my best to make it as natural as possible for your most significant moment in life, your solemnisation. Hopefully the photos don't disappoint tho.

Oh yes, talking about her gown. She designed it herself and got someone to make it to reality. This is my first time knowing a bride did all the design from scratch and honestly, it's one of the most beautiful, detailed gown I ever see in my life.

The most interesting solemnisation thus far for Sonya and Judd.

Congratulations to you both, I'm extremely honoured to know both of you and may our lives cross again.

Princess Sonya

till then, 

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  1. This wedding was elegant. It’s definitely going to be a fete to remember. I am in love everything about the wedding. Even the couple has a combination of sophistication and charm. My sister got married last month and had a destination ceremony at one of wedding venues NYC. We truly had a great time over there!